• HD Surveillance Solutions

    ADCOMS is proud to be a partner with Digital Barriers, a UK company with the art surveillance systems and services using latest wireless technologies to the Kingdom. Digital Barriers is a specialist surveillance solutions provider to homeland security, defense and commercial organizations. ADCOMS and Digital Barriers in partnership will deliver platforms and solutions that overcome the limitations of conventional surveillance and security technologies – including ultra-bandwidth efficient video streaming and intelligent analytics.

    • Real Time Situational Awareness over very low bandwidth wireless communications.
    • Quick to deploy (does not require infrastructure)
    • Video surveillance that is fully secure (AES-256)
    • Live secure video streaming onto tablets and smart phones “in the field”
    • Full range of sensors, cameras, vehicle and fixed solutions
    • Solutions work over GSM, Tetra, WiFi and SATCOM
    • Remote alarms automatically alert operators if there is a problem
    • Easy integration using standards into VMS and Command and Control Systems.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy – Solar PV System

    ADCOMS has been partnering with International Alliance for energy Services to deliver superior, customized end-to-end solutions for solar PV plant installation and operations and maintenance for solar PV technology.

    ADCOMS and its partners offer Solar Energy Services with full spectrum of services designed to fit a Client’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure and level of expertise in the solar industry.

    Increase Production and Lower Expenses to Maximize Profitability. Minimize Downtime. Reduce Equipment Failures. Protect Asset Value.

  • Managed services

    Managed services (resources management)
    Managed services is known to be an efficient way to stay up to date on technology, customers reach and satisfaction, have an access to necessary skills and address a range of issues related to cost. By having ADCOMS, it will assure the following:

    • Boost your bottom line
    • Increase your recurring revenue
    • Enjoy our unique daily billing, monthly invoicing model
    • Aggregated volume pricing for even better profit margins
    • Take advantage of our extensive sales and pre-sales support (D2D Model)

  • Telecom Solutions

    Wireless Network Solutions
    ADCOMS in partnership with our US based Digital Global Systems, Wireless Metrix and Altiostar Networks is to bring solutions to address spectrum interference, network data collection, network deployment and network capacity challenges experienced by wireless operators and defense organizations.

    • Digital Global Systems develops automated and intelligent signals analysis technology DGS Platforms are designed to make sense of internal and external spectral environments over wide spans and in real-time
      This provides actionable data to broadband service providers, the DoD, Public Safety and Large Venues
    • Altiostar Networks provides centralized coordination with CRAN and software intensive eNodeB for Application Intelligence Cloud-RAN with NFV platform and Ethernet based Fronthaul
    • Wireless Network data collection tools that are available in multiple form factors and can be used in a pay as you go model resulting in significant cost efficiencies

    Fiber Operation and Maintenance
    ADCOMS is your inside and outside plant network Infrastructure Partner that offers End to End Turnkey solution and services for FTTx with engineering standards, consultancy services, extensive resources and supplier partnerships; we offer the technology, knowledge and expertise necessary for every type of network deployment and application.
    Outside Plant Services (OSP)
    • Survey, Planning and Design Engineering of Primary, Secondary and Last Mile Fiber Networks
    • Permit and Right of Way Acquisitions
    • Civil and Electro-mechanical works associated with plant unit installation and integration
    • Telecom Works including cable blowing, splicing, testing and commissioning
    • Consultancy Services
    Inside Plant Services (ISP)
    • Transmission Network design and planning
    • Installation of Equipment's at Exchange, Datacentres, NOC and POP level
    • System integration, testing and optimization
    • Network Operations Consultancy and Skilled / Trained Manpower Provisioning
    • Managed Services